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Our Inception

Wisdom In Rhyme was birthed on New Year’s Eve 2004 in my Harlem, New York apartment.  I cried myself to sleep DESPERATELY SEEKING GOD for the PURPOSE of my life.  HIS ANSWER came the next morning through a simple and unexpected response within my heart, “I AM A WRITER. WRITE WISDOM.” That day was the beginning of my JOURNEY as a Poet and a Writer... a  journey of hearing GOD'S VOICE and experiencing HIS HEART.  Many of these songs were birthed during times of UTTER BROKENNESS and difficulty.  But his REVELATION OF LOVE sustained me, motivated me and REVIVED me. Someone recently asked me,  “Jessica, where do you get all these words?”  And the only appropriate response I have is ... “God's Spirit.” Truly, HE IS THE WRITER. I am thankful to be the vessel He chose to deliver THE MESSAGE. "




WISDOM IN RHYME. THE ART OF SPOKEN POWER. Our purpose is to REVIVE souls for the kingdom of God, to compel all people, everywhere, to live a life full of PASSION and purpose, and to bring REVELATION about God's everlasting love for humanity.

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