Wisdom In Rhyme · Revelations of a Young Poet


Author's Note:

"This book began on New Year’s Eve 2004 in my Harlem, New York apartment.  I cried myself to sleep desperately seeking God for the purpose of my life.  His answer came the next morning through a simple and unexpected response within my heart, “I am a writer.  Write wisdom.” That day was the beginning of my journey as a Poet and a Writer.  A journey of hearing God’s voice and experiencing his heart.  Many of these poems were birthed during times of utter brokenness and difficulty.  But his voice sustained me, motivated me and revived me.  Someone recently asked me,  “Jessica, where do you get all these words?”  And the only appropriate response I have is ... “The Holy Spirit.” Truly, He is the writer. I am thankful to be the vessel He chose to deliver the message. "


With the brilliant rhyme schemes of a slam poet and the depth of thought of a philosopher, this book has certainly earned its title.  Contained herein you will find the deep spiritual urges of a young poet searching for truth.


© 2012 Jessica Lee Schenk.  Published by Jewel Enterprises Worldwide. 165 pages of poetry and prose.


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To the Spirit of God,
My tangible, invisible liquid Wind,
Who fills me and inspires me.
I give these words back to You.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. On Philosophy
  3. Forget Not Your Creator
  4. The Invisible Lover
  5. If Only You Knew
  6. Unity
  7. Passion
  8. Prisoner of Hope
  9. The Offering
  10. Evolution of Love
  11. Tears & Tenderness
  12. Beyond the Prayings
  13. Honest Love Letter
  14. Bread Unleavened
  15. Forgotten Soul (mate)
  16. In Man's Eyes
  17. Eve's Redemption
  18. Psalm 73
  19. Prayer Poem
  20. Similar Souls
  21. Take Caution Similar Souls
  22. I'd Rather
  23. Perfection of God
  24. Valley of Decision
  25. Voices
  26. Painful Reflection
  27. Gracious Sufficiency
  28. A Seed for Sanity
  29. His Afflicted One
  30. Wasting Time With Battles In Our Mind
  31. Dear Enemy
  32. Internal Conflict
  33. When Words Won't Suffice
  34. This is Humanity
  35. Every Secret Thing
  36. Many Waters
  37. The Diamond Turns
  38. Creation of Nations
  39. Celebration!
  40. I Am Your Apple Seed
  41. Katy
  42. Beautiful
  43. Poet's Transcendence
  44. Free to Move
  45. Overtaken
  46. Dyslexic Perception
  47. Isaiah's 59th Plea
  48. All Things
  49. The Love Above
  50. Yahweh Child
  51. Destiny
  52. Fire
  53. Birth Order
  54. Nazirite Heart
  55. We Surrender
  56. For This Reason
  57. End Notes

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