"I know this album is going to change lives. I'm happy to have been a part of it."

Benon Mugumbya  · Swangz Avenue Studio · Kampala, Uganda



"Literally changed my life!!! ... Such a lesson and a blessing."

Irene Ntale · Singer & Songwriter ·   Kampala, Uganda



"Loved the track, the guitar and the rhyme is really strong! Very impressive!"

Micha'el Ben David · Emet Zion Music · Jerusalem, Israel



"Jessica's words pierce the heart even as they soothe the soul.  She speaks the language of truth."

Nnenna Ukwu ·  she,Nnenna,gans Multimedia  ·   Durham, NC, USA



"Truth that heals and hurts like a two-edged blade."

Rev. Michael D. Fisher ·   Princeton, NJ, USA



"This woman doesn't just see G-d. She knows G-d."

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson · Maccabees Kosher Deli ·   Des Moines, IA, USA



"...really excellent.  The lyrics are really profound and beautiful."

Fr Harry Schneider · Cathedral of St. Peter Church · Kansas City, KS



"A unique gift...charismatic, magnetic, prophetic."

Phil Blahut · St. Louis, MO, USA



"God spoke the world into being and Jessica's words speak with the same truth and power of the God she serves.  Her command of language, intentionality and layered simplicity leave you looking for more but also so much to come back to."

Jonathan Walton · New York City Urban Project · New York, NY



"Beautiful songs that capture the essence of our being and the love within us calling us to be by His side."

Sophie Greenberg · Social Worker · San Francisco, CA



"Our God is truly faithful to raise up His voice of truth, even in this dark hour. I praise Him for this rallying cry to the body of Christ to "set a straight path before our feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated but rather be healed". May He use our sister Jessica in His grace to turn the hearts of many back to Him."

W. Hanson · Investment Banker · London, England



"When I listen to these songs, I can hear the heart of God and know what He's thinking."

Apostle T.L. Williams · Church of Christ · Des Moines, IA



"I love Jessica's CD ... it's so inspiring.  As we say in french, 'C'est touchant'."

Laura Nerolel · The Act of Compassion · Kansas City, KS



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